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Right-angle reducer prices _ planetary gear speed reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
What is the cause of the reducer temperature too high? This is in this issue we will make everyone about related questions, in the paper below about the answer to this question is:


1, the reducer bearing wear or cage damage such as: timely check the mechanical equipment is easy to wear and tear parts, replacement of worn bearing.

2, adapter bushing axial channeling move: remove the rack bearing cover, lock tight bushing and remove the flywheel or sheave, replace the new adapter bushing.

3, oil hole plugging, oil added into: clean up the oil hole, groove blockages.

4, reducer bearing oil or oil injected too much: use the unit when the equipment is running, please read the instructions carefully, and according to the provisions of the manual quantitative gas on time.

5, the bearing temperature: is the moving jaw gland and end cover frame bearing friction heat or both embedded cover with the spindle rotation, the friction heat.

the main content of this issue is that, I hope you for the understanding of the reducer is more thorough.

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