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Right-angle reducer specifications _ planetary gear speed reducer specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Common faults

because of the bad reducer running environment, often wear, leakage and other problems, the main several is:

1, reducer bearing wear, bearing box, including shell, the casing hole wear of bearing housing, gearbox bearing chamber;

2, gear reducer shaft diameter of axle wear, the worn parts in main shaft head, slotting, etc;

3, speed reducer drive shaft bearing wear;

4, reducer joint leakage.

according to the wear problem, the traditional solution is machined repair after repair welding or brush plating, but both has certain disadvantages: repair welding high temperature thermal stress can not completely eliminate, easy cause material damage, lead to bend or break parts And brush plating coating thickness restrictions, easy to peel, and the above two methods are using metal repair metal, cannot change & other; Hard to hard & throughout; Comprehensive cooperation relations in the force, still can cause wear again. On some of the biggest bearing enterprises but also cannot solve the scene, many rely on repair. The contemporary western countries to solve above problems more use of polymer composite materials repair methods, it has strong adhesion, excellent comprehensive properties such as compressive strength. Application of high polymer material to repair, can neither from removed from machining repair welding thermal stress effect, repair the thickness is not restricted, and the product of metal materials do not have rolled back, can absorb the impact of vibration equipment, avoid wear and tear, and greatly prolong the service life of equipment components, save a lot of downtime for the enterprise, creating huge economic value.

and against leakage problem, traditional methods to remove and open the reducer, the replacement of sealing gaskets or daub sealant, not only time-consuming, laborious and difficult to ensure the sealing effect, in the run will leak again. Leakage of high polymer material can be on-site management, materials have excellent adhesion, oil resistance, and 350% of the tensile strength, overcome the impact of vibration reducer, well solve the problem of the speed reducer leakage for the enterprise.

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