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Right-angle reducer using _ planetary gear speed reducer is used

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-18
Knowledge of reducer believe that everyone has a certain understanding, to better use of the reducer home to introduce below its reversible operation knowledge:

1, a deceleration machine in principle can be run as a motor, can also be used as a generator to run, this principle in the theory of planetary gear motor is called reversible principle.

2, when the prime mover to drive the armature winding in the main pole rotates between N, S, armature winding on the induced electromotive force, the brush and commutator device after rectification for miniature, lead to external load ( Or the grid) , external power supply, motor as small generators running at this time.

3, such as with external micro power supply, the commutator brush device of micro electric current to the armature winding, this current and main pole N. 年代。 Produce magnetic fields interact with each other, producing torque, driving mechanical load on the rotor and the connection to the work, the motor for the micro motor running.

the above today is to introduce the speed reducer of reversible operation information, hope to be able to bring you some help, if there is doubt, pay attention to our website or contact us at any time

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