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Screw guide linear module module equipment _ _ linear positioning module design manipulator

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
For linear module principle and structure of cross all clear? A lot of friends is not very good, today to detailed introduce for everybody.

the working principle of linear module cross:

through a set of linear gear coupling fixed on another set of modules of the slider. For example: the X axis fixed on the Y axis module, so the slider on the X axis is purpose, can be controlled by the Y Y direction of a slider, by sliding block can be controlled by the X axis X direction, the movement way usually driven by external to end. End so will be able to make the slider end point in plane coordinate motion, linear or curvilinear motion.

linear module structure of cross:

cross linear module is to point to by two sets of linear module according to the X axis and Y axis direction of the combination of combination module, the general also called axis module, XY axis module. Industry often with transverse shows the X axis, another axial is Y. The halfway point of the X and Y axle load, right on the outside looks in Chinese & other; Ten & throughout; Title of the word, cross linear module.

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