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Screw guide module application instructions _ _ linear module manipulator linear positioning module customization

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
Linear gear coupling as an important component of mechanical transmission, selection is the key to good ratio model, to make the perfect mechanical equipment operation, so how to properly choose the model of linear module? Sliding block type, quantity, and slide rail width constitute the three principle of load size. The selection of parameters of linear module three points:

1. Determine the width of the linear module;

track width is one of the key factors to determine the load size, general when choosing linear gear coupling according to the load to select a suitable width of mechanical equipment.

2. Determine the long rail;

the length is the length of track, is not a trip. Length = effective stroke + slider spacing ( More than 2 slider) + slider length & times; At the ends of the sliding block number + safe trip, if increase the shield, compressed length need to add protective cover on both ends. It is important to note that ask in advance the brand guide to the maximum length, the specification is more than the length need to use docking.

3. To determine the linear module block type and quantity.

common slider is two kinds: flange type, square. Model height lower, but a little wide, mounting holes is threaded hole, the latter a little higher, narrow, mounting holes is threaded blind holes. Both have short type, standard and long ( Some brands also known as the load, heavy load and heavy load) Ontology, the main difference is the slider ( Metal parts) Different length, installation hole hole spacing can be different, of course, most of the short type slider only two mounting holes. Slider quantity shall be determined through calculation by the user, in this only recommend one: to carry less, and more can be installed.

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