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Screw guide module handbook which good _ _ linear module manipulator high-speed linear module mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
Linear module when purchasing need to pay attention to what issues? Linear module can be realized through the combination of each unit load of straight line, curve movement, is a light load of automation is more flexible, more accurate positioning and widely applied to various fields.

linear modules need to be considered before purchasing the four points:

1. What is the useful travel demand?

the linear module from one end of the movement to the other end of the interval of how much demand. Practice is chosen, useful travel demand about more than to live up to 50 mm, to expand the space reserved.

2. Motion precision demand?

motion accuracy refers to repeat the movement precision, namely reciprocating linear module after 30 times back to the end with the origin of the interval. Different types of motion precision linear module, usually linear module, stepper planetary gear motor drive motion precision can reach 0. 02 mm, servo planetary gear motor drive, the movement precision can reach 0. 01mm。 But useful traveling more than 400 mm, the movement precision is reduced.

3. How much is the load?

the linear load how many component object module demand. Linear module in practice when using, need to load multiple objects, measure needs practice.

4. Speed requirements?

speed directly affects the service life of the module, mute effect. Generally the faster the speed, the requirement of linear gear coupling will be higher.

the place on put together is narrated, four aspects into account, accomplish know fairly well, to buy the most suitable linear module.

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