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Screw guide module load custom linear module _ _ manipulator linear positioning module device

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
With the development of the society rectangular coordinate manipulator is favored in the industrial, rectangular coordinate manipulator, also called multiple axis gear coupling industrial mechanical arm, electric cylinder, etc.

1. Degrees of freedom movement, the distance between each motion degrees of freedom for right Angle;

2. Automatic control, can repeat programming, according to the program is run in all types of sports;

3. Generally by the control system, drive system, mechanical system, operating tools, etc.

4. Flexible, multi-function, due to the difference of operation tool function is different also.

5. High reliability, high speed and high precision.

6. Can be used in harsh environment, can work for a long time, easy operation and maintenance.

as a kind of low cost, simple system structure of the automatic robot system solutions, rectangular coordinate manipulator can be used in rubber, plastic, spraying, stacking, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading, assembling, printing and other common industrial production field, in the replacement of artificial, improve production efficiency, stable product quality, etc, all have significant application value.

for different applications, the rectangular coordinate manipulator has different design requirements, such as according to the requirement for precision, speed, choose a different mode of transmission, according to the specific technical requirements for the end of the work head choose different clamping electric drill speed reducer ( The fixture, claw hand, mounts, etc. ) , as well as for teaching programming, coordinates, and work mode of design options, such as visual identification, thus to meet the application requirement of in different areas, different working conditions.

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