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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
With what a word can describe the characteristics of linear gear coupling, believe that many will say & other industries; High precision & throughout; This one word. Yes indeed, & other; High precision & throughout; The term is a linear module, let it be known, the characteristics of the linear module here & other; High precision & throughout; Precision, and how many people know what it is?

understand linear module friend should be clear and linear module into the positioning accuracy and repeatability, although we are likely to become both precision & other; High precision & throughout; , but we usually refer to & other; High precision & throughout; Is repeat precision. Repeatability specific what meaning be? Actually is popular to explain deviation, deviation is small means & other High precision & throughout; 。

linear gear coupling & other; High precision & throughout; Usually less than & plusmn; 0. 02, we will call it is of high precision linear module. We can often hear precision linear module is how much, in fact we seldom know what is it exactly according to the standard, or how to test it is concluded that a repeat precision numerical linear module. Below small make up, and everyone about repeat precision linear module testing principles!

linear module of repeated testing principle is: to any point in the same direction for 7 times repeated positioning, and then measure the stop position, calculate the half of the maximum difference meter readings. As test principle, in the middle of the moving distance and generally at the ends of the position, respectively, to test, the testing value of the maximum as the measured value, the biggest difference with the positive and negative half said.

this is repeat precision linear module test principle, see here believe that you have probably learned! Repeat precision of the linear gear coupling testing is very serious, so many times of reciprocating test's data, is evaluating whether a linear module to achieve & other; High precision & throughout; The standard!

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