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Screw guide module parameter _ _ manipulator linear module specification high speed linear module quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
In purchase or consulting linear module, we can often hear some we don't understand the language, and if you don't know. So you also can only be nodded when buy or don't reply, these terms means about linear module technology professional vocabulary, we often can hear must ask a question is how much, precision linear module, this article this & other; Precision & throughout; Is the terminology of the linear module, so to speak.

like when we buy cars, we often hear about what the car emissions is how many, how much horsepower engine, automatic or manual. If you don't know the car, didn't buy a car before hearing the language estimates that you are a face of meng. We must be in advance before buying a car first learned these, will be able to let us know when buying a car to clear types of you need samples, when sales staff introduced to these you can trigger.

we also at the time of purchase linear module is the same, may the knowledge about linear module more upset than cars, speak out your estimation is not heard. Because of this, of course, we just want to go to understand, to introduce the below about the terminology of the linear module!

1. Effective stroke: refers to the slide block can slide on the linear module of effective path length. The longer the linear module, the greater the load the negative effects of

2. Weight: refers to the maximum weight can load movement. If the focus of artifacts from the slider center migration, also need to consider allowing stretched out, when choosing the workpiece weight is lower than the module selection data

3. Repeat positioning accuracy: 30 times location and movement to a specified direction, the target position three times the standard deviation as a repeat positioning accuracy, nakagawa repositioning precision linear module maximum is: & plusmn; 0. 01 mm / s

4。 Maximum speed: refers to the highest speed, linear module is the highest servo planetary gear motor speed 3000 RPM, stepper planetary gear motor top speed of 600 RPM as a benchmark. Selection should be considered when the vehicle deceleration of moment of inertia and force point of the problem; If mobile distance is shorter, it cannot achieve the highest speed of manual annotation

5. Quantity allowed: refers to artifacts allow stretch space. Specifications are according to each artifact weight data in the distance from center to the workpiece center of gravity above the slider. This value is decided by the life of the linear guide rail. Usually situation, control the weight of the artifacts within the allowed out quantity, 90% of the linear guide rail life will reach more than 1000 km over specification data allowed out of the amount to use, must further increase the support guide rail or restrictive conditions ( Velocity, acceleration) In order to avoid affect the service life of the linear gear coupling

6. The rated thrust: refers to the linear module module remains at rest ( Keep) The force imposed by the state, the forward direction

7. Dangerous speed: refer to the schedule can be used within the highest safe speed, because the problem of slenderness ratio, if more than this speed may appear resonance phenomenon, at this time, please reduce the movement speed

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