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Screw guide module principle _ _ manipulator linear module design linear positioning module specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
Linear module is a specialized term in the field of automation, simple speaking, is a kind of linear actuator, used for linear motion in mechanical automation system, the structure is not complicated, installation is simple, use is also easy to operate, so in industry is particularly wide use range.

with the development of the industry, the demand for workers in the industry more and more high, so that the product production cost is increased dramatically. How can we reduce the cost while the production of high quality products, and shall not affect the production efficiency at the same time? Manual operation speed is limited, no matter which one location, which kind of products we do not rule out the possibility that the machine can be depended on to operate. And workers' wages is only go up, and each month have to pay on time, increased with the extension of the fees as the workers working years. Linear gear coupling is a process, the products of the industrial automation enterprise to bring real change:

1, the linear gear coupling for the enterprise to improve production efficiency;

for an enterprise fast development, the production efficiency is the driving force of enterprise, is the guarantee of brand production orders on time and qualified to complete delivery to the customer's hands will bring more orders, so a good circulation. To achieve the good vision, enterprises need to improve for the production of equipment, especially the linear module through the steady accumulation of production experience and optimization, introduce the linear module specific special time-consuming and human production, non-standard equipment to completion, will greatly improve the efficiency of production.

2, linear module for enterprises to reduce labor cost;

as the ceaseless improvement of social material and spiritual life, workers the higher requirements for material and spiritual life, the workers' wages rising trend year by year. More seriously, with the development of urbanization all over the country, the gap between eastern and western economic development gradually shrunk, workers will gradually spread in the east coastal regions, the factory to hire more and more difficult, in order to retain workers, have to pay higher wages. For enterprises, in the form of the linear module can effectively solve the problem of high cost of enterprise workers of choose and employ persons, linear modules available 24 hours a day to engage in production operation, the enterprise only need to develop a few management these non-standard equipment production will be finished most of the work, so as to fundamentally solve the depend on the number of workers.

3, linear module for enterprises to improve the quality of production;

the production quality is the enterprise insist on this, is the guarantee of the brand. Traditional production product quality by the workers of the production process, production tools proficiency, workers due to personal development and emotional factors, liquidity is bigger, therefore, the quality of workers is uneven, and the result is the product of the defective rate lower, is not conducive to the maximization of corporate interests. And linear module is the conceptualization of experience of enterprise production, it can be accurate to complete the production of various movements, to ensure product's quality, reduce waste, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

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