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Screw guide module speed mute _ _ linear module manipulator linear positioning module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
Linear gear coupling in the garment industry, laser cutting bed equipment operation simple, sensitive, convenient maintenance, adopt servo linear module, high cutting precision stability and capacity, automatic optimizing layout and cutting plan, certainly the processing parameters, automatic, accurate, high speed cutting processing, thus has the advantages of traditional equipment.

because the cutting errors will directly cause test piece and retouching the artificial loss, time period of delay, and even affect the postpone of stitching, quality inspection, packaging and other processes, the loss of these intangible cannot be detailed Numbers can be used to calculate, the direct consequences of such, the produce of the manufacturing cycle is the extension of the order.

linear module used in laser cutting bed equipment can prevent artificial cuttings fuck spite may also form of cuttings mo loss, pollution, and the marginal foibles of good and bad are intermingled. About the company's conduction layer, linear module laser cutting bed equipment data material equipment can be used to assist all section of the manipulation of the company.

linear gear coupling has been applied in laser cutting bed equipment can completely prevent craft cutting cutting, precision improvement. In a traditional way to cut piece, if cloth layer is thin, small quantity also can implement, but if the cuttings in large quantities of clothing mission, this way is very brief form the top and the scale of the grass-roots work piece errors. Workers are being cut at the top of the stage could be met to rework and repair.

linear gear coupling used in laser cutting bed equipment is not only to the work piece machining skills have improved, also can to early to discharge to deal with. Intuitive use notices digital, computer discharging on the savings of cloth must be higher than the most experienced personnel nesting nesting results. These is to help the company's largest limit position directly in the hands of the cloth, prevent waste.

other, by the use of active laser cutting bed so system to deal with BanPian, check by computer to the active material. We don't have to cost time flipping through the original single nesting, simply click on the computer keys, the initial materials they need to find, you can directly call or make corrections.

linear module has been applied in the use of laser cutting bed equipment makes the company no longer holding a calculator to calculate how many cloth abuse, or due to the delay of time limit for a project, add how much cost, surface can happily calculation saves the cloth of a few percent, a few percent of the artificial cost saving. Together, due to the end of the time limit for a project in advance, production line will also be able to calmly face another batch of orders, and then improve the advantage in the competition.

so, in future years, linear module laser cutting bed equipment will become a clothing company produce a new weapon skill innovation.

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