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Screw guide module stroke brand _ _ manipulator linear module used linear positioning module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
Linear module automatic feeder specialized research and development for the realization of automatic and production equipment, can replace manual materials handling in each station, up-down material, such as work, for the high repeatability, dangerous, beat of processing industry, to save the human labor cost, improve the safety of artificial and equipment to keep production capacity, product quality, process stability, etc, is modern industrialization & other; Innovation & throughout; The important spiritual embodiment. What are the advantages linear module automatic feeder?

linear space module, automatic feeder, is helpful for users to the layout of the production workshop equipment. Traditional types of feeding patterns, materials and straightening machine, straightening machine and feeding device must keep a certain distance between & other; Work area & throughout; To ensure the smooth progress of production, increased the possession ratio of the space, make the feeding process more multifarious.

linear module, automatic feeder machine shortens the feeding debugging process, reduced the labor productivity and production time, reduced the production cost, improve the efficiency. Due to large elastic plate material, the traditional uncoiling plate material feeding, need to use pressure arm cut again after compaction and material into need people help pull in the material, sometimes even need to three people use a crowbar to leveling machine, filling materials planes, so need to take up a lot of manpower material resources, and on the use of operating, material rack, leveling machine, feeder need to operate separately, debugging trival, complex operation, debugging process trival, waste a lot of manpower and material resources. Triad feeder streamline the above process, to avoid the feeding process and complex work.

linear gear coupling automatic feeder improves the feeding progress of synchronicity, guaranteed the feeding accuracy of thick plate coil. Triad feeder decoiling, correction, the function of the feeding gather together, in the thick plate coil after completion of loading the pressure arm, folding arm, keep-off arm, hydraulic pressure head device common collocation can realize automatic into action, completely without the Aid of charging, operating only in the console on electronic control type of touch screen operation, simple and convenient, leveling precision of feed for leveling feed on collection to a head, has realized the real synchronization management, namely leveling is completed the feed at the same time, guarantee the precision of the feeding.

linear module automatic feeder is more and more welcomed by many customers industries, the real realized the integration of feeding operation, improve the production efficiency, save the cost.

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