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Screw guide module supplier selection _ _ linear module manipulator high-speed linear module which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
Rust should be many metal products will face a problem, once the product rust for the normal operation of itself or normal operation are deadly! Precision is not high under the condition of metal products in the face of rust, some may impact is not big, some may be affected. For precision products are not high demand, and the product with high precision, if rust may cause the product is not available.

in life we should meet the high precision of the products should be the engine, while we watched the engine is pretty heavy a thing, actually in engine internal precision is very high. Especially in the transformation of four stroke that place, if the rust will occur to burn oil, uphill weakness and so on.

also has a high precision linear module, if rust affects is very big. Everyone knows the main characteristic of linear gear coupling is of high precision, good stability, fast! And rust after linear module, then can seriously the accuracy of the linear gear coupling, other features will also be affected relatively. Serious rust may directly lead to is not available, need to buy again.

know rust effects on linear module so big, so how do we prevent rust? Below small make up and everybody simple explain!

1. Temperature

believe you know common sense, should know if the metal products in low temperature environment, so the product will be rust. Because the temperature of low temperature environment, contain more moisture will be. So we try to use in normal temperature environment, if you do not use in normal temperature environment preservation.

2. Contact

this is actually a detail, we take in linear module, or when using linear module. May often forget to wear gloves, direct contact with the hand. If you have contacted linear module perspiration, didn't notice, you will make the linear module rust.

3. Protective

if we are unable to prevent the linear module in some characteristics of the environment, causes it rust. So we go ahead be rust protection, can be very good to prevent the rust. We buy linear module implementation with a rust-proof oil, whether in use or save, can be very effective to prevent rust.

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