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Screw guide module type linear module manipulator to adjust _ _ high-speed linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
It is well known that linear module has been as a kind of highly automated items, the more high automation equipment, once appear mistake or error, the consequences will be severe. So we must pay attention to the proper operation of linear module. Below small make up will tell you the correct operating method of linear gear coupling:

1. Linear module is to use a planetary gear motor drive, it is a kind of electromagnetic movement, so in some electrical interference, magnetic interference and electromagnetic interference environment, try not to use. If must be used, please make sure to use correct specification, otherwise it may happen serious danger.

2. To manipulate, the linear module itself must be power off again after the operation, otherwise it will cause falls off axis, so dangerous for themselves.

3. At run time due to the linear module in edm, so do not use in the environment with combustible gas, and when using the module is not sealed, also don't use in with dust, dust environment.

4. Terminal effect is to prevent force suddenly disappeared or sudden increase and dangerous. Its objects in the reaction is likely to fall off, so in the surrounding should be appropriately decorate some protective measures, have better prevention effect.

the linear module is a very useful automation equipment, its structure is simple, save a space, simple operation, convenient maintenance, easy installation, and a series of advantages. So we must take good care of them, if we are in strict accordance with the procedures for the correct operation, believe that the linear module will give you a greater return on investment.

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