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Screw guide module which good trip _ _ linear module manipulator linear positioning module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
As electronic manufacturing industry more and more active, linear gear coupling in the application of the component inserter industry automation, manual plug-in for the enterprise to realize the automatic comprehensive top plug-in, greatly improving the production efficiency and reduce labor costs, improve product quality, excellent economic and practical value, will be to achieve China's electronic manufacturing industry important path to future success.

linear module intelligent integration, promote the development of automatic component inserter innovation, make the automatic component inserter is more and more loved by all the to the enterprise production line:

help automatic component inserter directly to the group of mouth, less operation time, improve the efficiency and stability.

automatic component inserter will more tight mouth synchronization operation together, improve the productivity and reduce labor costs.

component inserter automatic torsion precision, convenient adjustment, ensure the quality of lock.

component inserter automatic high degree of automation, simple operation, master operation and commissioning staff news fast.

linear module component inserter automatically reduce the labor intensity of workers, the traditional manual operation and alignment plugin head need to work takes up a lot of time and energy.

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