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Screw linear guide rail module how _ manipulator module _ precision linear positioning module price

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
Cooperate with motor (linear gear coupling Optional servo motor or stepper planetary gear motor) + + control system, mount end workpiece a suitable programme, is the most simple and practical uniaxial manipulator linear gear coupling, also can use multi-axis combination, cross type, XYZ type, gantry, etc.

commonly used linear gear coupling control system is programmable controller ( PLC) Or control CARDS or other pulse controller, let's to stepper planetary gear motor + programming controller ( PLC) For example explanation:

1. PLC is used to produce control pulse control system, through the PLC programming a certain number of square wave pulse output, control the turning Angle of stepping motor and servo control of feeding; At the same time by programming control pulse frequency & ndash; — Both servo feed speed. In practice, linear modules can be selected according to specific needs Suitable stepper motor, to display the function to the maximum.

2. Stepper motor power drive control of the PLC output pulse up to dozens to hundreds of v, several to dozens of Ann driving ability. General PLC output interface has certain ability to drive, and usually the transistor load capacity of the dc output interface is only 10 ~ a few volts, dozens to hundreds of ma. But for stepper motor power requires dozens to hundreds of volts, several Ann ~ 10 Ann's ability to drive, so you should of the output pulse by drive pulse distribution and magnified.

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