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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
Linear gear coupling, how to prevent evaporation grease? For linear module fluid lubrication, because of the oil film floating, the motion precision error is inevitable, in most cases, the fluid lubrication is limited to the border area, directly produced by metal contact and friction is unavoidable, in this kind of friction, a large amount of energy wasted by friction loss.

vacuum use embellish grease, if it is used in vacuum environment generally embellish grease, the grease is contained in the oil will evaporate, lose the lubricating grease and ability at the same time. So we usually use vacuum special lubricants resin, its vapor pressure lower fluoride used oil as base oil for operation processing.

solid lubrication, solid lubrication film S the lubrication method is for use in the atmospheric pressure to high vacuum environment and developed full solid lubrication. Compared with other brands of solid lubrication, has more excellent load resistance, wear resistance, the performance of the linear module tightness. If you don't want to use in liquid lubrication conditions, the grease or oil lubrication can be used outside of the other line lubrication method also drops.

system temperature will have important effects on the material of linear module, when the temperature higher than 100 ℃ when the rated load of the linear gear coupling and will greatly reduce the service life, the dynamic and static load rating for the size list values multiplied by the corresponding temperature coefficient. The corresponding conclusion factor principle model.

with the development of the high-tech era civilization, believe the future demand for linear module automation equipment will also continue to grow, to the accuracy requirement also more and more high, the maintenance maintenance is also the requirement of a large high properties. So we need to constantly innovation

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