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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
Linear module into, bring glue machine industry technological innovation, technological innovation is the source of glue machine industry development and progress, technology continues to develop, product constantly upgrading, the performance of the glue machine is the guarantee of the development. New technology can explore the new performance for glue machine, also can bring reliable competitiveness for glue machine. In the next few years, market competition will be more and more the palate, enterprise want to have a market to expand, must be on the glue machine technology with the advantages of leading or different from competitors, this advantage comes from technology innovation.

glue machine industry needs constantly to grasp the market demand and forecast. On the market for glue machine packaging put forward new requirements, problems of all kinds of packaging technology, various new requirements, glue machine industry enterprise should not only master, what should be more targeted to launch the most suitable glue machine products. Linear module into, accelerated the developing trend of the technology of glue machine, glue to glue machine into a higher level unceasingly, in order to satisfy the demands of the market diversification and individuation of packaging. You'll also have to be able to grasp the trend of future demand, in mechanical manufacturing injection of fresh blood to the development of enterprises.

into linear module, for glue machine industry has brought the rapid development, so what are the changes in the direction of the application of glue machine:

1. Electroacoustic industry: the speaker, speakers, stereo, buzzer, earphone mp3 / mp4

2. Communications: mobile phone shell bonding, mobile phone keys, telephones, fax machines, walkie-talkie

3. LED industry, LED ball steep light, point light source, lamp with

4. Inductance industry: patch, small transformer, inductance coil, small coil planetary gear motor, relay

5. Electronics industry, integrated circuit, electronic components, electronic components, circuit board fixed point solder paste, LCD LCD screen

6. Optical industry, optical lens, bald, head

7. Wire industry: switches, wires, connectors, plug cable

8. Arts and crafts industry: stickers, signs, labels, stickers

9. Clothing industry: buttons, key chain, inside the button, pendant, chain hoist, socks

that is linear gear coupling in the application of glue machine advantages and bring change, hope you can help to better understand the linear gear coupling.
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