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seat ibe concept car review

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-07
At the Paris motor show, the new Lotto and electric Jaguar supercars are a slightly gentler concept car in their seats, although the compact and rak-inspired IBe itself does not lack style. This three-
The door has an electric motor of 102bhp instead of the effort of the Jaguar 780bhp, which is designed for zeroemission city-whizzing.
But it\'s not a dull city noise. box -
Instead, IBe is a carefully carved coupe, and although it is shorter than Fiat Punto, its compact electric power system allows it to accommodate four adults.
In fact, this is not the first time we have seen this concept car, it was released at the Geneva motor show last spring, but since then it has been re-breathing and redesigned the lights.
More importantly than that, however, IBe is now a fully functional prototype with an experimental motor, the seat is in the process of developing battery packs and control boxes for electric vehicles scheduled for the mid-decade.
This makes the car a little different from most concepts, as its way of driving actually provides a clue about the feeling of a real electric seat.
In contrast, most concept cars are usually equipped with gasoline engines, just to facilitate access from the styling studio to the booth.
Paris Auto Show 2010: Worth a visit to Paris Auto Show 2010: Gas turbine-
Lest we forget the Paris Auto Show 2010: Jaguar Land Rover new Seat carrier people carrier Seat provides an opportunity to experience the IBe designer\'s dream in Barcelona, just a few days before the scheduled twirl show in Paris.
The venue is a small circuit, and even if we are fast, it is possible that this prize exhibition will become an expensive Paris absentee.
Speed is limited to 35 miles per hour.
Not only did this IBe move, but most of it
From sunroof to power windows and air conditioners, even multiple air conditioners, the system works as well
The screen dashboard offers a fun full range of products
Flow from energy to the color display of the iPod menu.
Few concept cars are fully developed like this.
Driving is not as fun as driving.
Reaching 35 mph certainly sounds like nothing, but on this tight and terrain complex track, the car needs a smart hang even at this speed.
Seats dive into the corner with considerable enthusiasm and a very small body-
Roll, with satisfactory velvet accuracy for its steering rotation.
What\'s even more impressive is the performance of IBe, which instantly pulls the motor into a high-speed lift. The front-
Installed electric motor through Lithium-ion manganese-nickel-
Cobalt battery pack (
Can provide 81-mile range)
Installed under the boot floor. The 9.
It takes 7 seconds to reach 62 mph, but more useful is a short 3 seconds.
6sec needs to be bound to 31 mph, and the bias towards low speed acceleration emphasizes the role of iBe as a trendy city commuter.
So it\'s a little simpler than Nissan\'s Leaf because it\'s sporty.
Briton Chris Axe explained that this is also important (son of one-
Time rover chief designer Roy AXS)
, The look of IBe is away from the \"romantic, round and slightly drooping style\" of today\'s seats \".
The new style, he said, \"will be clearer, more positive and proud --
Sports and young.
Three unconnected parts of sculpture creases
One rotates at the rear of IBe, while one pair rotates at its flank --
\"It\'s also a seat signature.
Like skin.
\"We will see this look first on the 2012 Leon, but there are three electric seats --to-
Four years later-though they deserve to wait if they have the style and vitality of the concept.
However, it is a shame that in the showroom we are unlikely to see the shape of the display car itself.
Beautiful, affordable, lively green machines like this will add real appeal to zero
Emissions drive.
Test fact: seat IBe electric concept car.
Single motor, 75Kw
Front-speed gearbox
Wheel Drive on sale: seat electric car Power/torque 2014: 102bhp/lb ft Max speed: 100mph Acceleration: 0-62mph in 9.
7sec Fuel economy: NA CO2 emissions: zero rating for tail tube Telegraph: Rival Mitsubishi I-MiEV, £23,990 (
Including government subsidies)
A small city car, unusual. looking (and named)i-
MiEV is a fairly narrow four.
Although it is 80 miles away, its range is shorter than that of the leaves, but its visibility is very good, and its speed has an amazing change.
Citroen has the same car (the C-Zero)and Peugeot (the iOn)
Differences in detail.
Nissan Leaf, £ 23,990 (
Including government subsidies)
The most credible electric vehicle by far
Order March delivery now and Leaf is a quiet, convenient and easy drive.
It\'s not as active as IBe-
Although brisk enough
Travel 100 miles for a fee.
The biggest downside of the car is its range and the high price of the hatchback, but it\'s a great green commuter.
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