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Semi-closed synchronous belt linear module of maintenance and matters needing attention

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
Linear module was first developed in Germany, the market localization in photovoltaic devices, manipulator up-down material, cutting equipment, coating equipment, SMT equipment, etc. , the manipulator can bring convenience to the industry of equipment of the points are as follows: monomer movement speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, body weight, the space is little, long service life of equipment. planetary gear motor has been expanding the scope of use, running all over the world. Run faster in our country, in recent years, linear module development is fast, especially in shenzhen, do a lot, and the quality is good, by the equipment manufacturers of all ages.

semi-closed synchronous belt of maintain

1. Semi-closed synchronous belt linear gear coupling when the lubrication is very important, if do not have sufficient lubrication, frictional resistance when work will add nearly may become the main reason for shortening product life, the lubrication method is roughly divided into two kinds of manual lubrication and automatic lubrication. This can be used according to the system operation speed and environment to decide what the lubrication mode. Lubricating oil supply frequency varies according to the using conditions and the environment, general sight every 100 km maintenance operation.

2. Standard semi-closed synchronous belt linear module maintenance preview when need on cover plate will be removed and connected to the grease nipple into proper lubricating oil. Usually this because internal space restriction relationship between the maintenance often have lubrication oil uneven phenomenon. Suggestion is that when oil lubrication use high quality lubricating oil. Check the component coupling at the same time, flange plate, such as guide screw inspection whether is loose.

semi-closed synchronous belt linear module of note

1. Semi-closed synchronous belt linear module work on sliding seat and adhere to safe working range.

2. Type linear synchronous belt transmission module, the z axis is not recommended to use.

3. Synchronous belt linear module journey is too long, very easy to produce resonance, stroke, speed should be reduced accordingly.
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