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Servo _ brushless motor reducer reducer size size

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-02
When is not applicable to the selection criteria of reducer, gear reducer special design, when the design, should consider the main problem is: transport type, sending device, sending design parameters, drive components are described, described the support component and similar design cooling and lubrication and sealing box design, etc. You also can be optimized to improve the design quality of the design.

as a result of the hard tooth face gear and the design can make the continuous development of enterprise technology improved, passing the same power and reduction ratio, and decreases the size of the gear reducer, more and more prominent, so the heat dissipation problem research should provide reference for thermal power of gear computational science and technology file management.

for reducer structure design, please note the following problem:

1. The design of the reducer overall and choice.

2. Make reasonable planning and design of non-standard reducer.

3. Reducer design.

4. Cooling and lubrication of gear unit.

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