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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-04
Reducer is one of the more important instrument, because it makes the characteristics of customers more trust, but anyway, can appear the following three conditions, because the rotation of the reducer is a precise instrument, slightly has carelessly will make it fault, lead to cannot use, thereby reducing work efficiency.

1. Don't use a hammer hammer, the output shaft of the reducer, chain wheel, can use a hammer hammer, use a hammer will be easy to knock the bad parts, each part and also can't use a hammer;

2. To install the exhaust cover ( Vent plug) , plug in a high position before use should be replaced as the vent plug, gas ran out of the ontology of the gearbox, if not timely replacement, reducer running for a long time, causing gas inside the reducer in oil seal, lead to speed reducer leakage;

3. Timely replacement of oil, should pay special attention to is that the reducer in the first run of about 350 h to choose oil change, time back in in lubricating oil it doesn't matter, if the reducer is often in poor environment, dust more occasions will be inspected once every half a month or so, because this place is easy to make in the presence of large amounts of oil stain, if don't clean up easily fail.

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