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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
70-80 - s of the 20th century, reducer technology has made great development in the world, and closely integrated with the development of new technology revolution. The general development trend of the speed reducer is as follows:

(1) high level and high performance. Widely used cylindrical gear carburizing and quenching, grinding, carrying capacity increased by more than 4 times, small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability.

(2) combination of modular design. Basic parameters using priority number, size, strong universality and interchangeability, easy to expand and newer, conducive to tissue mass production and reduce the cost.

(3) type diversification, variant design. To get rid of the traditional single base installation, added a hollow shaft hanging, floating bearing base, planetary gear motor and reducer one-piece, different types, such as multiple mounting surface for expanding the scope of the use.

prompt reducer levels to increase the main factors are:

(1) the theoretical knowledge of increasingly perfect, closer to the actual ( Such as gear strength calculation method, modification technology and deformation calculation and optimization design method, the tooth root transition smooth, the new structure, etc. ) 。

(2) with good materials, widely used in a variety of high quality alloy steel forgings, materials and heat treatment quality control level.

(3) the structure design more reasonable.

(4) improve machining precision to ISO5 - level 6.

5) bearing quality and improve service life.

6. Lubricating oil quality improvement.

since the 1960 s, China has developed JB1130-70 general reducer of the cylindrical gear reducer and such standard, in addition to the makers use homemade, also formed a batch of reducer professional manufacturers. At present, the national production reducer hundreds of enterprise, with an annual output of 250000 units of general reducer, made a contribution to the development of our country's mechanical products.

in the 1960 s most of the gear reducer is a reference to the Soviet union in the 20th century 40-50 s technology manufacturing, though they have development later, but limited to the level of design, process and equipment conditions, the overall level and international level has a larger gap.

since the reform and open policy, our country introduced a number of advanced processing equipment, by introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and scientific research, gradually mastered all kinds of high speed and low speed heavy duty gear design and manufacturing technology. Material and heat treatment quality and the gear machining accuracy are improved greatly, the manufacturing precision of general cylindrical gear from JB179-60 8-9 magnitude to GB10095-88 level 6, the manufacturing precision of gear can be stable in 4-5. Part of reducer after using hard tooth face, significantly reduce the volume and quality, the service life of the bearing capacity, and transmission efficiency with larger, on energy saving and improve the overall level of the host plays a big role.

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