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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-03
Reducer is a relatively sophisticated machinery, the use of its purpose is to reduce rotation speed, increase torque. ( Note: reducer torque calculation formula)

it's a wide range of different types, different kinds have different USES. There are many types of reducer, according to the transmission type can be divided into worm gear reducer, reducer and planetary gear reducer; According to the different can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage transmission series reducer; According to the gear shape can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, cone gear speed reducer and the cone - cylindrical gear reducer; According to the transmission can be divided into the expansion of decorate a form, shunt type and coaxial reducer. The following is a common reducer classification:

1, cycloid reducer,

2, hard tooth surface of cylindrical gear reducer

3, planetary gear reducer,

4, soft tooth surface reducer

5, three-ring gear reducer

6, crane reducer

7, worm reducer,

8, shaft mounted machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank

9, stepless variable speed machine

the main characteristics of worm gear and worm reducer is a reverse self-locking function, can have a large reduction ratio, the input shaft and output shaft is not in the same axis, is not in the same plane. But generally the volume is larger, the transmission efficiency is not high, the precision is not high. Harmonic reducer harmonic drive is to use the elastic deformation of flexible components controlled to transfer movement and power, small size, high precision, but the disadvantage is that soft round limited life, impact resistance, not rigid compared with metal parts. Input speed cannot be too high. Machine of decelerate of planet of its advantages is the comparison of the structure is compact, return small gap, high precision, long service life, rated output torque can do a lot. But the price a little expensive.
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