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Servo reducer parameters _ brushless motor reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-04
In the process of speed reducer gear repair and reinstall, strictly implement repair technical regulations, to ensure that each part of the gear in place, the contact part of impurity removal, gear axial spare adjusted, ensure that the gear contact area. Contact precision of gear reducer.

( 1) In the process of repair and reinstall of speed reducer gear, strictly execute maintenance technology procedures, to ensure that all parts of the gear in place, the contact part of impurity removal, free space of the axial adjustment gear, and then make sure that the gear contact area. Forward speed reducer gear contact precision.

( 2) Reduction gear lubricant should be depending on the type of lubricant reducer itself required for lubrication, mix in order to prevent the different types of lubricants, in order to ensure the quality of the lubricant, and lubricant to ban the use of expired. 。 K series gear reducer

( 3) Reducer gear strictly abide by the data selection. Quality unqualified material not at liberty to choose. With heat treatment with gear, resolutely choose unqualified gear products.

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