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Servo reducer using _ brushless motor reducer is used

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
Gear planetary gear motor to achieve the ideal use effect, its quality will need to pass, therefore, after we produce the planetary gear motor, usually a series of tests in the quality of it, the main test content have the following points:

1. Short-time overload: deceleration motor need only in 1. 2 times the rated load, running for 3 minutes, 1. 5 times the rated load, run 1 minute, no abnormal phenomenon;

  2. Protection grade: protection grade of the machine should be not less than IP44, can prevent the diameter larger than l mm solid foreign body into the shell, can carry water splashing in any direction without influence;

  3. Radial force: machine can afford 3. The radial strain of 5 KGF, planetary gear motor output shaft does not produce harmful deformation;

  4. Brakes, brake can use simple tools manual release, and in 1. Five times the rated load will not appear under the skid phenomenon, braking torque is greater than 2. 2 kgf· m。

reduction motor production, in order to ensure the quality, we deal with the motor for six cycles of alternating hot and humid test, the motor insulation resistance should not be less than 0. 38 mq, and will not be l760V puncture withstand voltage test.

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