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Servo reducer which good _ brushless motor reducer which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
Screw lift in the selection of many designers will take it for granted choose model according to the weight, but the actual use of screw elevator cannot light according to this to choose model,

and should give full consideration to load, lifting speed, efficient schedule, efficiency, drive source, the actual working condition of the equipment used, such as the use of safe coefficient to choose.

how much is determine the load of the hoist,

the weight is not only the data of static load, and the static load and dynamic load, impact load are taken into account,

followed by the rise and fall of elevator speed and speed ratio,

you need to identify in the actual working condition of using the device's need to how much is the travel speed,

to choose according to your specific situation. And if the speed is slow, can not meet the requirements, but also be fitted with speed reducer to achieve the established.

select height in the use of travel itinerary should stay on the margin, at the same time give full consideration to the output screw lift any protective tube or dust telescopic cover,

screw axis motion inertia, all kinds of top output parts, etc.

when wire rod under axial compression loading, please check on the stability of the, specific please refer to the stability checking computation, such as more than the value of critical load increases, please type again after calculation.

load required for the input power compared with the maximum input power, and then choose the appropriate driver.

and the determination of the external lift connection mode. Including the connection input shaft and output part of the connection.

input shaft is to determine the good planetary gear motor directly connected or coupling or other connections, such as the output section is to determine the flanges, nuts, fork pin head, flat head or ball head pin hole or other non-standard head.

is the use condition of the elevator, after see if client has special requirements, such as corrosion protection, the environment of high temperature and high pressure environment, outdoor environment conditions such as

the final choice of all these data have to meet the elevator type and configuration.

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