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Single axial resolution of the manipulator

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
Uniaxial manipulator in the country also known as electric sliding table, linear gear coupling, single shaft drive, single axis robot, etc. Uniaxial manipulator by the combination of different style can realize multi-axis combination, realize the rectangular coordinate manipulator, the XYZ application such as mechanical arm. Uniaxial manipulator usually by ball screw or synchronous cog belt transmission, precision linear guide as guides, to carry, the single direction positioning, transfer, take put, detection, and other functions. Widely used in the field of automation, uniaxial manipulator with servo planetary gear motor or stepper motor, can realize the precise positioning of different application situation. As the continuous application of modern industrial modularization and integration concept, uniaxial manipulator | precision electric came up with the sliding table to reduce the time and efficiency of automatic production line and automation equipment development.

comprehensive Japan, Taiwan, as well as the similarities and differences between domestic uniaxial mechanical precision electric sliding table, first the uniaxial mechanical precision electric sliding table product features summarized as follows:

( 1) According to the requirement to choose the appropriate series: from the transmission structure point of view, the current single shaft mechanical precision electric sliding table mainly include ball screw transmission and synchronous toothed belt drive, linear planetary gear motor drive, etc. Now from the cost and scope of use, ball screw and synchronous belt is widely used. Due to different structure principle, the product performance and use of the situation is different also. Ball screw transmission is driven by motor through coupling or synchronous belt wheel ball screw rotation, thus promote the fixed on the linear guide slider back and forth motion. Ball screw with high positioning accuracy, low friction, high rigidity, load ability strong characteristic, can realize accurate positioning. Speed, depends on the speed of the motor and the size of the screw lead. Screw the lead, the greater the order with the same planetary gear motor output speed shaft manipulator slider moving speed. Ball screw defects and shortcomings are: outer diameter of ball screw has slenderness ratio ( d / L) The limitations and lead ( P) Restrictions. When the ratio of screw length and diameter of more than a certain value, because the screw itself is the influence of gravity, screw will produce deflection, with the increase of deflection, easy to form a resonance and aggravate wear when turning. Although by changing the screw of the fixed way can to a certain extent, reduce the adverse impact of the deflection of a ball screw, but it has not completely solve the problem of screw deflection caused by the screw length cannot be infinite length. Lead screw generally also have corresponding restrictions. But when conducting bout, will increase the difficulty of the processing technology of a ball screw. In a small stroke, high-precision occasions, screw are generally preferred. Synchronous cog belt transmission is driven by motor synchronous belt drive wheel rotation, thus has a belt drive the slider move on the linear guide. Synchronous cog belt with low noise, moving speed, low cost etc. Speed, can realize higher speed than ball screw. At the same time without the restrictions of the critical speed, in long stroke has more cost-effective. But the positioning accuracy of synchronous belt transmission is lower than the ball screw.

( 2) Modular structure to save customers time, improve efficiency, uniaxial mechanical precision electric sliding table has the advantage of the idea of modular design. For users, needed to pay attention to uniaxial manipulator | the internal structure of precision electric sliding table and details, can use it as a component embedded in the design of the automatic production line and automation equipment. Modelling, combined with a more reasonable structure design, precision control, as well as the standard 2 d / 3 d CAD model, etc. , make customers in the selection and use of uniaxial manipulator was rather save time and improve the efficiency. From customer tedious detail design and procurement of spare parts, was deeply loved by mechanical engineer.

( 3) Better rigidity and accuracy: uniaxial manipulator is generally use extruded aluminum as the base. Not only has high strength, but also greatly reduce the weight of the single shaft manipulator.

now uniaxial mechanical precision electric sliding table all application areas include the basic automation applications. In LCD, semiconductor, electronics, daily chemical products, automobile, battery, etc in the field of positioning, transfer, handling, testing, dispensing, welding, cutting and applications are widely used.
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