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Sliding table linear module brand _ fully sealed linear module equipment _ precision linear slide principle

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Steel belt clean room belongs to totally enclosed module module, steel belt part precision design magnetic absorption characteristics, to make the dust and impurities into the lower, compared with the traditional steel lid closed module is more durable, dustproof effect increased by 30%. Relative organ bell type module length shorten 15%, dust life increased by 50%.

design style, with a high load, large load, ontology is compact, light body and other advantages. Steel belt clean room module core part USES the Taiwan import components ( GTEN screw, guide rail) Using new aviation aluminum, ontology, mirror stainless steel belt, high stability, high reliability, accuracy can reach & plusmn; 0. 02, suitable for dust-free workshop, the use of environmental clarity is high, can satisfy the requirement of the higher level dustproof, waterproof, support multiple spindle structures, wide range of applications.

steel belt clean module

steel belt clean room line module maximum range of 800 mm, maximum speed of up to 1000 mm/s, 100 w / 57 stepper planetary gear motor capacity, ball screw with 12 mm in diameter, linear slide rail with 24 by 8. 5 - 1, the new steel belt clean room gear coupling volume decreased by 40% compared with conventional. Reduced volume at the same time, the use of high rigid aluminum, 30% reduction in weight. Steel belt clean room module is widely used in 3 c industry, dust-free workshop equipment, winding machine, glue machine, screw machine, welding machine. But in the case of high load to achieve high precision linear motion.

jia wing intelligent equipment production line module of the core parts are imported, adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, based on domestic automation machinery of production, all kinds of specifications, any combination of multiaxial non-standard, customers customized straight line gear coupling ( Single axis robot, cross type linear slide unit, cantilever type linear slide machine, gantry linear slide unit, etc. ) To achieve human and technical cooperation. For device manufacturers save drive a complex process of planning, production, installation, accelerate the product planning cycle, improve quality, reduce costs and provide momentum for enterprise development.

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