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Sliding table linear module custom _ _ fully sealed linear module factory precision linear slide

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
How to recognize the organizational structure of the linear module and straight module

linear module and straight module concept is the same as is done with form a complete set of guide rail. Linear module ( Or straight line module) Can choose ball screw or pulley as positioning, pulley price is lower, but the positioning precision on ball screw, is suitable for packaging machinery or printing machinery automation equipment for precision is low. 4 m module? We need to place an order, and the concrete can be calculated according to your requirements and the gear coupling designer can can do or converted to other solutions are obtained.

straight line module ( linearunite) Category refers to the automation industry, to complete the floorboard of the linear motion of the device, also known as positioning module. Linear gear coupling can be considered a mechanical engineer and the modification of mechanical machinery development, mutual sharing experience and communication and common sense, finally it is concluded that a common sense in using the product.

, seiko production, wholesale sales of linear gear coupling, linear module, guide step best-selling consumer market, enjoys a high status among consumers, the company with several retailers and agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Company sells the linear module, sliding table module, guide of silver, TBI screw, brackets, servo, stepper variety complete, the price is reasonable. , seiko strength, heavy credit, keep the contract, guarantee product quality, with many varieties management characteristic and the meager profit but high turnover principle, has won the trust of customers.

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