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Sliding table linear module design of full seal precision linear module _ _ precision linear slide table size

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
Introduction to linear guide way of assembly

1, the method of horizontal

standard installation is the simplest way of assembly. In shock and vibration can maintain high accuracy and high precision. And easy installation, easy to equipment and STAF guide disassembly, clear, maintenance, etc.

(1) the level of fixed pressure this is the most simple application method to solve the impact vibration

when the installation is limited by space, (2) screws using screws, when necessary to increase the number of screws.

3. Tapered block is fixed by the Angle of the cone piece problem can produce horizontal pressure

(4) fixed pin, we generally do not use this way, in general, the installation of guide rail by screws. Pin installation, maintenance and cleaning of late, there is a lot of difficulties.

2, vertical installation

general vertical installation are to be fixed by screws, but a bad run parallel horizontal pressure for linear guide, install screw, probably because of uneven stress, lead to use two parallel guide rail total height tolerance is bigger, affect precision of equipment. Then because of the vertical stress point is not the same, this will cause linear guide is easy to damage, and bad for load calculation. May be because the problem of load, lead to damage of guide rail.

the last point, we talked about inverted installation, in this case, the stress is on the vertical, we have, for example, linear guide itself dynamic load is 600 kg, however, because it is a vertical installation, the equipment is in operation, but also the opposite direction to calculate the vertical force and vertical force, the machine itself weight in this case, the customer selection, best according to the linear guide the load times above 3 times of load selection, so as to ensure the normal operation and longevity.

we emphasize again, for the combination form of linear guide, at the time of installation, the base part must be flat to guarantee within the 2 silk, with one side of bed side as the benchmark side of the machine, install while playing table, while the other on the basis has installed a rail for installation. After installed linear guide, to test the two straight line guide rail contour ( General STAF guide at the C level within the 3 wire is normal) Walking, and their parallelism. In order to ensure correct installation guide.

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