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Sliding table linear module manufacturers _ _ fully sealed linear module application precision linear slider adjustment

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Straight line module when choosing to eligible

1, the orientation precision and module and the thermal deformation of bearing parts, etc. Guidance precision is refers to the movement artifacts when its movement along the guide rail guide surface movement orbit precision level.

2, sustainability: precision refers to how to keep the original precision in the process of work ability. The precision of the gear coupling persistent extreme dimension stability mainly depends on the guide rail wear resistance.

3, sensitivity and precision linear guide motion sensitivity refers to the small stroke, motion artifacts can complete positioning accuracy refers to motion artifacts should stop at the specified position according to the requirement of talents.

4, vibration resistance and stability: stability refers to the operation condition is not present in a given function of self-excited oscillation; And vibration resistance is refers to the module deputy can accept forced oscillation and impact.

5, stiffness for precision machinery and instrument is important. Linear deformation module including guide body deformation guide touch and so on, guide forced deformation resistance ability is poor. The relative position between the deformation will affect the components and guidance accuracy.

6, running smoothness module running smoothness is guide rail in slow motion or trace moves do not present the function of the crawling phenomenon.

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