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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Affected by the outbreak continue, vending machines have bigger market demand, we have recently received a lot of advice on vending module. Customer told us that the vending machine before use is X axis module, now to do new vending machines need to use the XY axis line module. So the XY axis linear module in the application of the vending machine is how?

y is a cross combination, the customer's vending machines with XY axis linear module, is hope can move up and down or so of goods, from the past simple X into a XY now, illustrates the function of the vending machine more powerful, at the same time to accommodate more goods. A vending machine is equivalent to a small convenience store, more convenient people meet the demand of purchasing one time. Synchronous belt linear gear coupling with quiet operation, stable, durable, controllable characteristics of adjustable in the vending machine, more conducive to the shopping experience. Synchronous belt linear module, small volume and large load, running speed, but also the necessary configuration of automation equipment.

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