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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Our linear gear coupling products have a variety of models to choose from, so as to adapt to all kinds of loads, from light to heavy. Our linear module products applicable to a variety of applications, such as the need to combine linear guide products to the machine structure of machine design. Apply to need high speed and low noise and operating environment very aggressive all automation applications.

CCM line gear coupling motion system of the main application fields include:

robot, handlers and pick-up and placement system


machine tool

woodworking machine

assembly machine

the measuring instrument electronic medical machine


industrial automation line gear coupling applications include:

automatic storage

material handling - Conveyor, steering, robot, AGV

- metal processing Wire EDM, water knife, laser, send welding

- food and drink Filling, valve, fast automation

check, visual and test - The CMM, optical comparator, visual

- packing Transformation, packaging and strapping, network guide, slitting machine, pallet, pillow

- positioning system Linear actuators, linear platform, multi-axis platform, rotating protractor

- robot Clean pipeline inspection, submersibles,

- textiles Loom, shuttle, cutting system, shearing, embroidered

- woodworking automation Panel saw, router, instrument

- pump Measurement, downhole, no seal


3 d printing, automatic lighting, mobile communication, the innovation of the commercial printing and other industries also is pushing demand for linear module, linear slide unit.

business machine of straight line slide module applications include:

3 d printing

automatic stage

camera and projector Video, theatre, camera positioning

- commercial printer Wide wide, file processing, press the

data storage - Robot storage, disk replication, tape and disk drives

- currency automation ATM, check processing, ID card printing

- mobile communications Cellular antenna, satellite antenna positioning, television broadcast

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the vending machine

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