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Sliding table linear module supplier _ fully sealed linear module selection _ precision linear slide which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
1, the maximum load refers to the slider can be the maximum weight load movement. If the focus of artifacts from the slider center migration, also need to consider allowing out of quantity. Design choices artifacts should be according to the gear coupling index weight, slightly below the machine's rating.

2, allowed out: refers to the workpiece out of maximum allowable limit. Beyond will affect the operation precision and service life.

3, repetitive positioning accuracy, linear slider to specify the direction 30 times location and movement, the target position three times the standard deviation as a repeat positioning accuracy.

4, the highest speed: refers to the module block the highest speed, which can be within the scope of the speed of movement, to ensure accuracy.

5, the rated thrust, the slider at rest ( Keep) State, the force applied to the direction of the slider.

6, dangerous speed: ball screw drive models a longer stroke, because of the ball screw resonance occurs, the action at the highest speed may occur when the sound, vibration, etc. , at this time, please reduce the speed.

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