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Sliding table manufacturer is introduced about linear slide deceleration

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-24
Linear slide unit is a kind of can provide linear motion of the mechanical structure, can be horizontal or vertical use, can also be combined into a specific motion mechanism using & ndash; — In the automation industry is often referred to as the XY axis, XYZ axis axial motion mechanism. The agency subdivided into different industries have different name, the name of the more common are: straight, linear slide, electric cylinder, electric sliding table, mechanical arm, manipulators, etc. Linear sliding table is usually used with power planetary gear motor, in the slide block is installed on other requirements artifacts of conveying equipment, and motion are set up a complete set of suitable planetary gear motor and reversing the process, make the workpiece can be realized automatic cycle reciprocating motion of the work. So as to achieve the aim of mass production equipment and intensive production.

straight line slide development up to now, has been widely applied to various devices. Contributing to China's equipment manufacturing development in the indispensable contribution, reduce dependence on foreign equipment imported, is keen to equipment research and development and manufacturing engineers has brought more opportunities. Linear slide unit currently has been widely used in measurement, laser welding, laser cutting, coating machine, coating machine, punching machine, glue machine, small CNC machine tools, engraving and milling machine, sample machine, drawing machine, cutting bed, transfer of sorting machine, the machine and the suitable education and so on.

there are a lot of customers don't know why linear slider will limit a deceleration time. Such as screw type slide our manufacturer would inform the customer contact during normal use and decelerating set to 0. 3 seconds, why by slowing down time to set up? Because this is according to the mechanics of a law to determine, that any material accelerate from zero to the final speed in the middle there must be a process of accelerating, the acceleration of the process also is what we call, stops the same, also must have a slow process, this number can be infinitely close to zero, but not to zero.

according to the principle of acceleration of gravity, combined with the mechanical structure of the sliding table, when the standard linear slider to carry, the start and stop the action, will produce a certain inertia load, so consider when sliding table with standard power planetary gear motor inertia load factor and the service life of the factors, to set the value of acceleration and deceleration, combining theory after we actually to do the test, also can select one of the most appropriate number, to give to the client, so that's how this value. The acceleration of gravity principle application not only on the sliding table, in all solutions are available to the drive mechanics.
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