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Step _ manipulator with stepper motor drive design accuracy

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepper motor is a kind of special motor for manipulation, as the performance of the component, is one of the key of electromechanical integration products, with the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the demand of stepper motor is growing. Precision stepper motor running in the characteristics of no accumulation error, make it widely used in all kinds of automation control system, especially the open loop control system. Then adjust the stepper motor speed should pay attention to what?

1. Can carry on the open loop control with digital signal directly, the whole system a brief cheap, displacement and number corresponding to the input pulse signal, step distance error is not long time accumulation, open loop control system is brief and has a certain accuracy; When asking for more, also can choose a closed-loop control system.


2. Because of stepping planetary gear motor, brushless therefore less body parts, high reliability. Easy to start, stop, and reversing, speed, good echo; Suspend generally have self-locking ability.


3. Interval Angle can be chosen in large scope, the small step away from the situation, under the super low speed high torque safe operation, can be directly without gear reducer drive load. Speed can be in the appropriate smoothing conditioning wide scope, can use a control device control together a few devoted into motor synchronous operation completely.


4. Stepper motor with inertia load ability is bad, because there is out of step and resonance problem, step motor deceleration method in different application conditions, the situation is more complicated.

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