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Step motor closed-loop control system

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-26
Better is open loop control of stepping motor, its the shaft end no encoder, but with the development of our technology, many manufacturers have started to produce the stepper motor with encoder, so what's good about it? The advantage is that can be closed loop control. If the stepper motor drive in open loop circuit, it is rotating at high speed, can produce out of step ( Lost) , vibration and high speed operation difficulties, so the question comes, what is out of step? Is suppose we issued 1000 pulses of PLC, but it has not gone 1000 pulses, the call out of step. We in stepper motor shaft end install encoder to detect motor position and speed of feedback to stepping drive form a closed loop control. So that it is not easy to out of step, we let it go 1000 pulse, it must walk the return 1000 pulses will stop, that it is the same with servo, so it is not easy to out of step. Here I said mean closed loop, but not its accuracy and precision of the step motor doesn't work, because in the absolute control of the positioning precision mainly depends on the encoder, installed on the stepper motor encoder, it also is 4000 pulses per revolution, up to 10000 pulses, and we are installed on the servo motor encoder it is different, it is a revolution of the millions of pulse, 1 million, 2 million can be, so its accuracy is not the same.

we all know that form a stepper system must have the PLC controller, stepper drives with stepper motor. PLC signal pulse to stepper driver, stepper drives have a deviation counter, so PLC given the number of pulse stepper motor with us compared to the number of the pulse of the encoder feedback, its difference to the deviation of the counter, then assign ring, drive our stepper motor drives the mechanical equipment is formed a closed loop, closed loop control and thus throw our previous step problem solved.
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