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Step with step motor drive speed _ manipulator mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-25
Stepping planetary gear motor drives the cause of the problem and deal with the

in order to further confirm the problem of the chip, first of all in withstand voltage current power is pretty stepper planetary gear motor power drive pipe, to restore the chip power supply pins, using leds circuit simulation load instead of stepping planetary gear motor's winding. After electrify, leds are bright, namely each winding are electricity, it is not in conformity with the requirements of the line input step pulse response, thus confirm the chip broken solution: the chip is not on the market, under the condition of the drive casing space allows, using the combination circuit which USES existing D flip-flop at hand and the combination of the nand gate design an annular pulse generator, production on a small PCB, dismantling the original chips will small PCB by pin is installed on the original chip bonding pad.

still using light-emitting diodes as simulation load, after electrify plus one step pulse according to the phase sequence in turn to shine. Demolition of simulation load, access to the host, electricity, equipment run this example, normal maintenance personnel should not only can analyze phenomena ( Flow) To find out the obvious reason ( Power tube damage) And at the beginning of every step of the analysis of the fault because of ( Pulse generator damage) And be able to use existing components combined alternatives at hand is difficult to solve the problem of the electric drill speed reducer.

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