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Stepper drives _ manipulator with step motor load adjustment

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
When current flows through the stator winding, stator winding to produce a vector field. The magnetic field can drive the rotor rotating an Angle, make a pair of rotor magnetic field direction in line with the stator magnetic field direction. When the vector magnetic field of the stator rotating an Angle. Also as the rotor magnetic field to turn an Angle. For every input electrical impulses, a rotary Angle of motor before further. Its output angular displacement is proportional to the input pulse count, speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. Changing the order of the winding current, the motor will be reversed. So the available control pulse number, frequency and various phase winding of the motor power in order to control the step motor rotation.

often see all kinds of motor, internal are core and the windings. Winding resistance, electricity will produce loss, the loss is proportional to the square of the size and the resistance and current, this is the copper loss, we often say that if the current is not a standard dc or sine wave, will also produce harmonic loss; Core has hysteresis eddy current effect, also can produce loss in the alternating magnetic field, its size and material, current, frequency, voltage, this is called iron losses.

copper loss and iron loss will be displayed in the form of heat, which affects the efficiency of the machine. Stepper motor general pursuit of position precision and torque output, the efficiency is low, the current is compared commonly big, high harmonic components, the frequency of the alternating current is also change with speed, thus stepping motor are widespread fever, than the general ac motor serious condition.

stepper motor encoder? Stepper motor without the encoder, if you want to add in the stepper motor encoder can step motor biaxial stretching, in the back above the shaft encoder.

stepper motor, is to perform the original coder to feedback system, encoder used with stepper planetary gear motor, its operation with PLC control. Is PLC sent according to the principle of pulse command to step into the drive, drive to the stepper motor provide current running, when the encoder detected stepper motor run to the position of the need to reach the feedback signal to PLC, PLC installation of feedback signal to stop send pulse signal to stepping drive, when the stepper motor without the original provides the electric current, of course, also will stop running immediately. ( Servo motor is such a device) , in fact the encoder feedback will keep the current position to PLC, PLC according to the feedback value compared with the target, adjust the Angle of the rotor rotation.

of course will not be stopped, stopped if they want to position, this depends on the planetary gear motor for brake? Of course, low speed running general feed precision can satisfy.

there are calculated in advance step motor feed need number of pulses, then used PLC programming, running so much pulse number, step motor to stop, when motor encoder feedback position, form a half closed loop control. Inside another high-speed positioning, PLC program can be set at the end of the position of the motor to decelerate feed, can meet the precision.

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