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Stepper motor and step motor closed-loop control system

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-26
Closed-loop stepper planetary gear motor control system is the control system of a type. Specific content is: the part or all of the output control system, through a certain method and the electric drill speed reducer back to the system input, and then compared with the original input information feedback information, and then compare the results applied to the system, avoid the system deviate from the intended target. Closed-loop stepper motor control system using negative feedback. Is composed of signal forward and feedback pathways in closed loop automatic control system, also known as the feedback control system.

compared with open loop stepper motor control system, closed loop control with a series of advantages. In a feedback control system, for whatever reason ( External disturbance or system internal changes) , as long as the controlled quantity deviating from the specified value, can produce the corresponding control action to eliminate the deviation. Therefore, it has the ability to suppress interference is not sensitive to element characteristic changes, and can improve the response of the system. But the introduction of the feedback loop to increase the complexity of the system, and the improper selection and gain can cause instability of the system. To improve the control accuracy, when the disturbance variables can be measured, is often adopted according to the disturbance of the control at the same time ( The feedforward control) Supplement feedback control and compound control system.

better is open loop control of stepping planetary gear motor, it's the shaft end no encoder, but with the development of our technology, many manufacturers have started to produce the stepper motor with encoder, so what's good about it? The advantage is that can be closed loop control. If the stepper motor drive in open loop circuit, it is rotating at high speed, can produce out of step, vibration and high speed operation difficulties, then what is called the step? PLC is suppose we sent 1000 of the 990 pulse but only go pulse, it lost a few pulses, this is known as out of step. We in stepper motor shaft end install encoder to detect motor position and speed of feedback to stepping drive form a closed loop control. So that it is not easy to out of step, we let it go 1000 pulse, it must walk the return 1000 pulses will stop, that it is the same with servo, so it is not easy to out of step. But not the precision of stepping planetary gear motor, because in the absolute control of the positioning precision mainly depends on the encoder, installed on the stepper motor encoder, it also is 4000 pulses per revolution, up to 10000 pulses, and we are installed on the servo motor encoder it is millions of one revolution of the pulse, 1 million, 2 million can be, so its accuracy is not the same.
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