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Stepper motor drive company _ deceleration stepper motor is used

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-25
Stepper motors are mostly adopts PLC control, PLC control of stepping motor deceleration usually adopt the way of the slope, the acceleration and deceleration slope is symmetrical. Users only need to set up the deceleration time can change the slope. Most of the PLC and subsection control pulse frequency function, that is, the speed can be divided into three sections respectively set accelerating section, uniform section, deceleration section, this deceleration can be asymmetrical, can meet the needs of some quick start slowly stop, fast or slow start to stop the electric drill speed reducer.

step motor controlled by digital signal, if the pulse signal change quickly, stepper planetary gear motor due to the effect of damping of the internal counter electromotive force, between the rotor and stator magnetic response will follow the change of the electrical signals, will cause the locked-rotor and throw step, on the other hand, the faster the angular acceleration, also want to overcome the greater load inertia, moment deficiency will lead to plugging a stepping motor. Deceleration were used to solve the problem. Individual powerful set of PLC control can implement piecewise curve, in textile machine, embroidery machine, and nc machine tool control system, also often deceleration curve is obtained using this arithmetic.

there are still part of the equipment control of the stepping motor is controlled by single chip microcomputer, this kind of equipment is often small volume, low price, more in need of stepper motor and the controller is small in size, low cost. Therefore, the curve can be designed to release the moment of inertia in the process of load change, within a certain range to help users to achieve this goal.

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