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Stepper motor drive _ deceleration stepper motor application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Mainly depending on the specific application, simply to determine the nature of the load, Such as horizontal or vertical load, etc. ) , torque, moment of inertia, rotational speed, precision, deceleration requirements, such as upper control requirements ( As for port interface and communication requirements) , the main control mode is position, torque, or speed. Power supply is dc or ac power, or battery power, voltage range. Accordingly to determine motor and drives or the model of the controller.

1, the stepper motor driver?

according to the current of motor, with greater than or equal to the current drive. If you need or high precision, low vibration can be blending subdivision drive. For large torque motor, high voltage type drive as far as possible, in order to obtain good performance at a high speed.

2, what's the difference between the two and five phase stepper motor, how to choose?

2 phase motor cost is low, but when in low speed vibration of large, high speed when the moment of falling fast. 5 phase motor, small vibration, high speed performance is good, 30 ~ 50% higher than the speed of 2 phase motor, can replace the servo motor in some occasions.

3, when to use dc servo system, the difference between it and ac servo?

into the dc servo motor with brush and brushless motors.

a brush motor of low cost, simple structure, big start torque, wide speed range, easy control, need to be maintained, but the maintenance is convenient, In carbon brush) To produce electromagnetic interference, has asked for the environment. So it can be used in ordinary industrial and civil occasions is sensitive to the cost.

brushless motor has small volume, light weight, the output is big, fast response, high speed, small inertia, the rotation smooth, stable torque. Intelligent control is complex, easy to implement, the flexible electronic commutation, can square wave or sine wave phase commutation. free maintenance, high efficiency, low operating temperature, electromagnetic radiation is very small, long life, can be used for all kinds of environment.

ac servo planetary gear motor and brushless motor, divided into synchronous and asynchronous motor, the current motion control with synchronous motor, in the scope of its power is big, can do a lot of power. Big moment of inertia, high rotational speed is low, and with the increasing power and fast. Thus suitable for the application of low speed running smoothly.

4, should pay attention to when using motor problems

to electricity run before the check for the following:

1) The power supply voltage is appropriate ( Overpressure is likely to cause the damage to the driver gear coupling) ; For input dc + / - Polarity must not wrong, on the motor drive controller models or current value is appropriate ( At the beginning not too big) ;

2) Strong control signal lines, industrial site best shield to consider ( If use twisted pair) ;

3) Don't start in all of the need to connect the line, only together as the most basic system, after running well, and then gradually connection.

4) Must understand grounding method, or is not empty.

5) Running half an hour to closely observe the state of the motor, such as movement is normal, voice and temperature rise, found the problem immediately stop adjustment.

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