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Stepper motor drive design _ automation precision stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-26
Linear stepper motor

with reactive and sawyer type two kinds. Sawyer type linear stepper motor by the stationary part ( Known as the reaction plate) And moving parts ( Move the son) Composition. Reaction plate made of soft magnetic materials, have teeth and slots on it evenly. dynamic child by permanent magnet and coil two poles of A and B. Active cell consists of air bearing, in order to eliminate moving mechanical friction, make the planetary gear motor run smoothly and improve the positioning accuracy. The high speed of the motor can reach 1. 5 m/s, acceleration can be up to 2 g, positioning accuracy can reach more than 20 microns. With two type sawyer perpendicular linear stepper motor assembly is flat motor.

electromechanical stepper motor

electromechanical stepper motor consists of core, coil, gear mechanism, etc. Will produce magnetic solenoid coil electricity, promote its core panels, through a rotary Angle of the output shaft gear mechanism, rotating the gear to keep the output axis of resistance in the new job position; Again electrify coil, a rotary Angle of rotation and, in turn to step into the movement.

magnetoelectric stepper motor

magnetoelectric stepper motor mainly include permanent magnet, reactive and permanent magnetic induction type three kind of forms. Permanent magnet stepping motor is composed of four phase winding. When A phase winding current, rotor magnet steel will shift to determine the magnetic field direction of the phase winding; A blackout, B phase winding current, is to create A new magnetic field direction, at this point, the rotor is rotating Angle and is located in A new direction of the magnetic field, the direction is determined by the order of incentive in the rotor. Permanent magnet stepper motor consumed power, smaller step torque Angle is bigger.

reaction stepping motor on the set, the internal and external surfaces of the rotor core is equipped with distribution according to certain rule similar tooth groove, using these two kinds of tooth position change caused the change of the magnetic reluctance torque. The step Angle of step motor torque can do 1 & deg; ~ 15度; And even smaller, easy to guarantee accuracy, starting and running frequency is higher, but large power consumption and low efficiency.

permanent magnetic induction son type stepping motor is also called hybrid stepping motor. Is a permanent magnet stepper planetary gear motor and a combination of both reactive stepper motor, and combined the advantages of both.

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