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Stepper motor drive design _ deceleration precision stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Permanent magnet synchronous planetary gear motor for people to have very big effect, because of its simple structure, better able to reduce the associated costs, can improve the reliability of motor at run time, with the permanent magnet synchronous motor, we can more convenient to use current, permanent magnet synchronous motor so good, then you know what it has strengths? To understand the knowledge rises up rapidly.

do you know this a few advantages of permanent magnet synchronous planetary gear motor? Get to understand the knowledge long

advantages: can improve the dynamic performance of train

as you know, power is very important for a train, as long as the power increased, the motion of the train can better, bring people travel more convenient, if you use a permanent magnet synchronous motor installed on the wheels of the train, because it itself has no gear box, so how to design can, can use massage type bogie, for example, can be designed into single axle bogie, in this way, can greatly improve the dynamic performance of the train, this other motor can not well.

advantage: advantage more in the same capacity

the permanent magnet synchronous motor USES is the permanent magnet poles, is particularly worth noting that it also added a rare earth permanent magnet, want to know the magnetic energy is very high, so in the same capacity, permanent magnet synchronous motor volume smaller, lighter weight, has more advantages to other people.

at the same time, this kind of permanent magnet synchronous motor running efficiency is very high, because it does not have the so-called friction loss, precisely because of these advantages, got the favour of many customers and praise, in the permanent magnet synchronous motor is really good, what about the merits of it do you have any other add? If not see you next time.

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