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Stepper motor drive device _ deceleration stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Stepping motor and servo motor, different in three-phase asynchronous motor, its role is largely used as orientation. Determine the position of the workpiece is accurate. Stepping motor and servo motor selection, must have the electrical structure and personnel and technology personnel to determine. Because of the price, performance than the stepping motor servo planetary gear motor are higher, therefore, must according to the actual mechanical structure, process data and control system, the selection of the most valuable. That is, on the premise of meet the demand, in the case of a reliable guarantee, reduce the cost.

stepper motor

determined based on the number axis

this is the most basic principle, choice stepper or servo is the easiest uncared-for. For servo controlled by pulse and communication way, and step into a pulse control mode only. Therefore, when the control shaft for many, as far as possible choose servo, USES the communication control, in this way, whether it is the early stage of the construction, or maintenance is very convenient. Generally four axis, up to six axis of less than, all controlled by pulse. And now the PLC basic standard four axis high speed output, such as mitsubishi FX5U, Siemens S7 - 1200, omron CP1H, etc.

according to beat

the factors is the key, because of the characteristics of servo and step by step, lead to their differences in application. The acceleration of step time at 0. 3 to 0. 5 seconds, and the acceleration of the servo time only a few milliseconds. The time difference in humans, almost no difference, but it is crucial for automation equipment really. The beat of equipment as a whole, has a vital influence. Small power of Japanese servo, rated speed 3000 r/min, the high-power servo, rated speed from 1500 to 2000 r/min. And small inertia of European servo, its rated speed can reach 5000 r/min, or even 9000 r/min. The step is in commonly 500 r/min. Coupled with the influence of the mechanical structure, so, choose stepper or servo, directly determines the tempo of the equipment.

according to control precision

stepper motor step Angle are the important factors, which directly determines the accuracy of stepper motor. Such as steps from the Angle of 0. 18 degrees of stepper motor, given a pulse, it is 0. 18 degrees. This is what it can achieve the lowest precision. Because it is impossible to have half of the pulse. Step support segment, however, used in a variety of algorithms, make its precision programming 0. 018 degrees or other values, but not unlimited segmentation. And the precision of the servo motor, it is decided by the encoder. Now the mainstream Japanese servo, for example, the encoder is 21, and 22. 21, that is, the precision of the encoder, 2 ^ 21 to 360 degrees into 2097152 pieces, such as precision is quite high. Can achieve the accuracy of these, only motor, but also the precision of mechanical, such as speed reducer of the backlash, the installation of the screw and the machining accuracy and so on. Generally speaking, whether stepper or servo, can achieve zero. The actual accuracy of 1 mm.

according to the situations are used to determine the

mainly on some special occasions, as a result of the stepper motor can be smaller, the occasion of narrow in some space, you need to use the stepper planetary gear motor. Individual brand servo motor minimum is 200 w, 100 w products, while the volume is small, but at the same torque output, the stepper motor can be smaller. Due to differences in stepper or servo, generally speaking, servo motor output are increased retarding mechanism, and step motor is usually the output directly.

according to budget

relative to servo motor, stepping planetary gear motor price is low, on the premise of meet the demand, therefore, should as far as possible use step by step. Of course, if the devotion to the price, and ignore the demand, so, choose step cost savings, is not enough field problems of various fees

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