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Stepper motor drive load _57 stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Stepper motor limited

stepper motor is a dc motor, can run step by step. They have multiple coil, the coil is organized into called & other; Phase & throughout; In the group. By motivating each phase in turn, the motor will be rotated a step by step.

by computer controlled step by step, you can achieve very accurate positioning and/or speed control. Therefore, stepping planetary gear motor is the first choice for many precision motion control applications.

stepper motor has many different sizes, styles and electrical characteristics. This guide was introduced in detail to understand the content of the required work choose suitable motor.

location - Due to mark time machine adopts precise repeatable steps, so they are in need of precise positioning applications, such as 3 d printers, CNC, the camera platform and the X, Y plotter. Some disk drives also use stepper motor to locate the read/write head.

- speed control Accurate motion increment can also achieve process automation and good speed control of the robot.

- low speed torque Common dc motor in low speed without big torque. Stepper motor at low speed has a maximum torque, so they are the ideal choice for low speed and high precision application.

- low efficiency Unlike dc motor, the stepper motor current consumption has nothing to do with the load. When they don't do any work, they get up to date. As a result, they tend to be hot.

limited torque - at a high speed Usually, the stepper motor in high speed torque less than low speed torque. Some step for better speed performance is optimized, but they need with the appropriate matching drive to achieve the performance.

- no feedback Unlike servo motor, most of the step is not integral position feedback. Although can through & other; Open loop & throughout; Achieve high accuracy. Often need to limit switch or & other In situ & throughout; Detector in order to ensure safety and/or to establish a reference position.

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