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Stepper motor drive manual _57 stepper motor parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
The reliability of the topic is controversial, but from the failure rate, stepping servo, the failure rate is lower than domestic stepper motor's maturity is higher than the servo planetary gear motor, but not the only standard of reliability and failure rate is not even the main criteria.

some of the applications of high speed response, step planetary gear motor response frequency is not enough, must adopt servo. But some occasions at low speed, servo rigidity is not set, or deceleration, servo motor to stop the process of peristalsis, may produce adverse effects, even for servo cannot absolute rest, will not be able to use on the super x microscope slide.

compared with 60 servo and step in, step into the failure rate of about 4 & permil; The failure rates, servo about 15 & permil; ( Those so-called one over one hundred thousand of the failure rate, just listen to good, so manufacturers, even if you are no failure rate contract with him, he has 1000 kinds of reason to justify not his product is out of order, is your improper use) , servo closed-loop and overload ability improved the overall reliability of equipment, this is not limited to the encoder feedback and fault alarm, closed loop stepper also has a fault alarm, but it has almost no overload capacity, so even if has a pulse compensation, can avoid losing step, but for locked-rotor powerless.

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