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Stepper motor drive manual _ with slow step motor parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepper motor generally work torque and rotational speed to meet the needs of the stepping motor to choose motor, and power is what relation? Yes, power = torque * speed. That is to say we can't only look at * the product of the speed, torque and want to see in torque and rotational speed are distributed between the two factors, to refer to the stepper motor frequency chart to choose stepper motor.

for example, load characteristic is the work speed 300 RPM, 2 nm torque, if choose a work speed 1200 RPM, torque output is 0. 5 nm stepper motor probably won't be required, although their power. The former should consider to choose 60 mm series stepper motor, and the latter as long as 56 mm series stepper motor can meet the requirements. This is because from the frequency characteristics of stepping motor is not a linear relationship with speed and torque. Out of sync motor parameter matching of stepper motor is suitable for the different rotating speed, high current and low inductance stepper motor is suitable for high speed running, and low current and high inductance stepper motor is suitable for running at low speed.

there is another important reason is also a devoted into motor drive conditions change, is apart from the frequency characteristics will be changed a lot, for example: the driving voltage from increased to 48 v, 24 v power output of the stepper planetary gear motor work in low speed change is not big, but when running at high speed of the output power will increase a lot.

why stepper motor from the frequency chart only can be used for reference? Because the driver is different, fine grades and excitation in a different way and so on will affect the stepper motor output torque, at the same time, start torque curve and the rotational inertia of the load size also has a lot to do, so the reference from frequency should pay attention to when you confirm from frequency chart of test conditions. In addition, the stepper motor in the specification value scope is also have certain amplitude fluctuation, such as general electric resistance has & plusmn; 10% of tolerance, inductance & plusmn; 20% of tolerance, the results of model test and practical use of even the same manufacturer production of the same type motor have certain difference, so choose stepper motor to leave enough margin.

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