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Stepper motor drive manufacturer _57 stepper motor applications

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Linear stepper motor can do linear motion or straight line reciprocating movement directly, if with a rotary motor as a power source, into a straight line, need with the help of gear, CAM structure and belt or steel wire, etc. This article first introduces the external drive type of linear stepper motor structure, secondly introduces the basic principle of external drive type linear stepper motor and the working principle, finally expounds its advantages and application.

linear stepper motor profile

external drive type linear stepping motor ( LE series linear stepper motor) Turn, screw and motor subset become one as the motor shaft. Nut on the outside of the planetary gear motor, and with the driving mechanism. When the motor rotates, nut do linear motion along the screw.

the structure of the external drive type linear stepper motor

shown below is external drive type linear stepper motor's basic structure:

linear stepper motor

compared with rotary motor, linear stepper motor to linear motion directly, can make the miniaturization of machine, make a design more concise.

external drive, the basic principle of the linear motor

external drive type linear stepper motor rotor of permanent magnet, when current flows through the stator winding, stator winding vector field. The magnetic field can drive the rotor rotation Angle, make a pair of magnetic field direction of the rotor and the stator magnetic field in the same direction. When the stator's rotating Angle of a vector field, also as the rotor magnetic field to turn an Angle. Each input an electric pulse, electric rotor will rotate an Angle and further. Its output angular displacement is proportional to the input pulse count, speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. Changing the order of the winding current, the motor will be reversed. So the available control pulse number, frequency and various phase winding of the motor power in order to control the step motor rotation.

one screw and motor turns subset as motor shaft, on the outside of the motor through an external drives the nut and screw meshing, take some way to prevent the screw nut to relatively, so as to realize linear motion. As a result, greatly simplifies the design make in many application fields in the case of not to install the external mechanical linkage directly using the external drive type linear stepper motor for precision linear motion.

the advantage of the external drive type linear stepper motor

precision external drive type linear stepper motor, can replace the cylinder in some occasions, realize the accurate location, speed control, high accuracy, etc. External drive type linear stepper planetary gear motor is widely used in including manufacturing, precision calibration, precision flow measurement, accurate position, and many other high precision requirements.

• Accuracy and repeat precision can reach & plusmn; 0. 01 mm

external drive type linear stepper motor as drive mechanism simple and reduce the interpolation lag problem, positioning accuracy, repeatability, absolute accuracy, will be more & other A rotary motor + screw & throughout; High, and easy to implement. The external drive type linear stepper motor repositioning precision of the ordinary screw can reach & plusmn; 0. 5 mm, tie-in and repositioning precision ball screw can reach & plusmn; 0. 01mm。

• High speed, the maximum of 300 m/min,

from the contrast of speed and acceleration, the external drive type linear stepper motor has a considerable advantage, external drive type linear stepper motor speed can reach 300 m/min, 10 g acceleration; Ball screw speed of 120 m/min, the acceleration of 1. 5g。 And the external drive type linear stepper motor speed after successfully solve the problem of heat will also further improve, and & other; Rotating servo motor & amp; Ball screw & throughout; In speed is restricted to improve more.

• High service life, simple maintenance

external drive type linear stepper motor using long life and heavy load bearing design to ensure the effective service life of the motor. Nut, plastic polymer materials procurement, with lubrication, easy maintenance.

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